ICL-CIR-001-(EN) Issuance of Circulars


Purpose: To describe the use of Marine Circular by the Organization to promulgate technical requirements on safety and security policy and other related matters.

Date: 12th of March 2018 / Updated 13th of February 2019

Laguage: English

References:  ICL-CIR-001 (ES) Emisión de Circulares

1.- Introduction

Communication is a critical element to promote and to transmit critical information between our QMS´ interested parties, and circulars are the appropriate channel through which the message is transmitted by IAMSACLASS/IAMSAGROUP.

In this sense, a circular allows publicly reporting a message related to matters of technical, administrative, quality management, among others.

2.- Circular ´s type

  1. Circulars
  2. Maritime CIrculars

Circulars describe matters related to administration, quality management system.

Maritime Circulars setting forth mandatory requirement of IAMSACLASS/IAMSAGROUP regulations, criteria and suggested procedures to realize the service.

3.- Numbering and code

Circulars are provided with identification number and letters assigned sequentially followed by the name of the circular, which identify the subject matter. At the bottom of the circular is registered the name, issuance date and revision.

Marine circulars are identified same as circular, but three letters (MAR) are in addition in order to be read as “ICL-CIRMAR-001 Ships ‘requirements”

Ambas circulares registran de manera independiente la correlatividad de los números, de este modo existirá la ICL-CIRMAR-001 y la ICL-CIR-001

4.- Circulars´ validity or obsolescence

Circulars are issued only one time and don´t need to be reviewed, except some specific cases. If a Circular become invalid, this circular is taken out of circulation and a new circular replace the former one. Circulars don´t need to be provided with an historixal record.

5.- Language

Circulars can be issued in the English language, the Spanish language or the Portuguese language, jointly and/or severally. This fact will not produce any kind of conflict in the QMS.

If there is a circular written in 2 or more languages, the circular´s name will show the language (EN) (ES) (PT) in order to make a difference among the same circulars written in different names, for example: ICL-CIR-001 (EN) ISSUANCE OF CIRCULARS / ICL-CIR-001 (ES) EMISIÓN DE CIRCULARES.

6.- Maintenance

Circulars are a kind of documented information, such as are controlled according to Procedure ICL-PRO-001, and this circular regarding any issue that could be applicable for this kind of document.

6.1.- Circulars´ summary

  • Circulars are organized in a separate summary which is called                                                ICL-IND-002 Circular Index.
  • Marine Circulars are organized in a separate summary which is called                     ICL-IND-003 Marine Circulars Index.

7.- Signature

Both circulars and Maritime circulars should be identified at the end with a signature in order to identify the issuance department and responsible area email.

Quality Assurance Department